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Blog Posts in December, 2011

  • Getting Permanent Maintenance

    || 29-Dec-2011

    Are you in the process of getting a divorce ? If so, then you must be wondering about whether you are eligible for permanent maintenance. While it is harder to get permanent maintenance than it was ten years ago, it is possible. When you petition for this type of support, you are asking the court to approve an order for your spouse to pay you each month for an indefinite period of time. This ...
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  • No Fault Divorce

    || 3-Dec-2011

    Are you considering a divorce from your spouse but do not want to spend months battling over the details? If so, you may be eligible for a "no fault" divorce. What Is No Fault Divorce? This type of divorce is available to residents of most states. As its name implies, there is no fault assigned to either party in the divorce. Instead, the person who files for divorce provides a reason ...
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  • Property Division and Your Will

    || 2-Dec-2011

    Are you in the process of drafting your will? If so, you need to understand how property division works in your state. In most cases, spouses opt to leave all of their property to their spouse. Since this property is jointly owned by both parties, it only makes sense to leave it in the name of the remaining spouse. If you are considering splitting up your property amongst several beneficiaries, ...
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