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Now You Can Get a No Fault Divorce in New York

Now You Can Get a No Fault Divorce in New York

Posted By Meyers Law Group || 22-Oct-2010

As the last state in the country to adopt the rule, it was about time that New York put into effect the no-fault divorce law on October 13th. This law gives divorcing couples the option to "divorce with dignity," as New York Assemblyman Jonathon Bing put it. There is now no need for New Yorkers to assign blame to one of the divorcing parties for such wrongdoings as adultery, cruel and inhuman punishment, or abandonment.

Assemblyman Bing stated that people had informed him of their decision to move out of New York State just to obtain a no-fault divorce. Due to this and wanting to bring his state up to speed with the rest of the nation, he was a proponent of this measure from the beginning.

If you are thinking about divorce and want to learn more about the no-fault option, it is time to contact a Long Island divorce attorney. You can save you and your spouse time, money, and grief by choosing this path, as well as spare any children from an unnecessarily ugly divorce.