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Blog Posts in October, 2010

  • The Divorce Trial Process

    || 28-Oct-2010

    If you are unable to resolve all of the issues pertaining to your divorce then you may be required to go to court. Any of the issues that remain unsolved will be discussed in court in order to come to a resolution that will be binding. During the trial you will only have to resolve the items that you could not reach an agreement on. Depending on your state of residence you may be given a jury ...
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  • Now You Can Get a No Fault Divorce in New York

    || 22-Oct-2010

    As the last state in the country to adopt the rule, it was about time that New York put into effect the no-fault divorce law on October 13th. This law gives divorcing couples the option to "divorce with dignity," as New York Assemblyman Jonathon Bing put it. There is now no need for New Yorkers to assign blame to one of the divorcing parties for such wrongdoings as adultery, cruel and ...
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  • Parental Alienation is Extremely Tough for Parents to Go Through

    || 21-Oct-2010

    Although it is an ugly part of society, parental alienation is a legal term that applies to a very real situation. This refers to a situation when one parent is targeted by the other, placing the child in a position of growing disinterest and distrust in the alienated parent. If you believe that a child is the victim of parental alienation, refer to the following paragraphs before consulting a ...
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