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Alimony FAQ

Alimony FAQ

Posted By Meyers Law Group || 16-May-2010

What is alimony?
Alimony is payment that an independent spouse is ordered to pay a dependent spouse on a month-to-month basis, either temporarily or permanently.

When do people receive alimony or maintenance?
People receive alimony or maintenance after a divorce or a legal separation.

How much alimony can people receive?
The amount of alimony a spouse receives on a monthly basis is either determined by the family court or outlined in a nuptial agreement. Generally, the court will consider the standard quality of living a spouse has, a spouse's needs and if a spouse's ability to earn income before making an alimony award.

Can alimony be modified?
Yes, a spouse that is paying alimony can request modification if he/she experiences a drastic change in income. For example, if a spouse loses his/her job, he/she may request modification.

When can a person stop paying alimony?
Typically, a person can stop paying alimony when his/her spouse dies, regains financial independence or remarries.

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