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Blog Posts in June, 2010

  • What Factors Allow for Support Modification in New York?

    || 6-Jun-2010

    Quite often, need for support or ability to offer support change in the years following a divorce. Child support, spousal support, and child custody can all be modified through the courts after divorce under certain circumstances. Child support can be modified if such circumstances are shown as the loss of a job, a substantial change in pay, or a significant change in the child or parent's ...
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  • How Does Equitable Distribution Work in New York?

    || 5-Jun-2010

    In New York, any property that is acquired by either or both spouses during a marriage is subject to equitable distribution. This does not include assets acquired after the execution of a separation agreement or after the commencement of a matrimonial action. All assets acquired during marriage are subject to division regardless of whose name titles are held under. The only exceptions to this are: ...
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  • Orders of Protection in New York

    || 4-Jun-2010

    A court order meant to stop violent and/or harassing behavior against yourself and your children by an abuser is known as an order of protection. An order of protection can be obtained in a family court, a criminal court, or the supreme court in New York. It will force an abuser to stay away from you and your children and to have no communication with you under penalty of criminal charges. An ...
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