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Blog Posts in 2010

  • Reaping Benefits from Divorce Mediation

    || 19-Dec-2010

    Many couples have switched to this cheaper, faster, and less emotionally-charged method of ending their marriage, and here is why. You will significantly shorten the confrontation time that is inevitable when settling a divorce. By having a mediator present both parties can come to an agreement in a period of time that is significantly shorter than going through the courts. It is also considerably ...
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  • Filing a Child Support Complaint

    || 12-Nov-2010

    If you have never tried to collect child support payments before, there are a few steps that you should be aware of that will make the process a little easier. First, you must petition for or file a complaint for child support in the jurisdiction in which you reside. In addition, you must provide the address of the non-custodial parent so that he/she can be served with the appropriate papers. ...
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  • The Divorce Trial Process

    || 28-Oct-2010

    If you are unable to resolve all of the issues pertaining to your divorce then you may be required to go to court. Any of the issues that remain unsolved will be discussed in court in order to come to a resolution that will be binding. During the trial you will only have to resolve the items that you could not reach an agreement on. Depending on your state of residence you may be given a jury ...
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  • Now You Can Get a No Fault Divorce in New York

    || 22-Oct-2010

    As the last state in the country to adopt the rule, it was about time that New York put into effect the no-fault divorce law on October 13th. This law gives divorcing couples the option to "divorce with dignity," as New York Assemblyman Jonathon Bing put it. There is now no need for New Yorkers to assign blame to one of the divorcing parties for such wrongdoings as adultery, cruel and ...
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  • Parental Alienation is Extremely Tough for Parents to Go Through

    || 21-Oct-2010

    Although it is an ugly part of society, parental alienation is a legal term that applies to a very real situation. This refers to a situation when one parent is targeted by the other, placing the child in a position of growing disinterest and distrust in the alienated parent. If you believe that a child is the victim of parental alienation, refer to the following paragraphs before consulting a ...
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  • Signs Children are Victims of Parental Alienation

    || 28-Aug-2010

    When a child has been a victim of parental alienation, he or she may exhibit the following signs: The child may use foul language when talking with the alienated parent or act oppositional. The child may not be able to provide strong reasoning for the aim for he or she is feeling. The child may be ambivalence and unsure of him or herself. The child may argue that he or she came up with feelings of ...
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  • Tips for Internet Usage During a Divorce

    || 10-Aug-2010

    With internet use becoming ubiquitous among all generations, it is especially important to remember to censor your online profile and monitor your spouse's online profile if you are going through a separation or divorce. Some things to look out for, and avoid, are: 1. Bad-mouthing your spouse online: Although many people post messages, statuses, tweets, etc, about their feelings, talking about ...
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  • Grandparents' Visitation and Custody Rights

    || 29-Jul-2010

    In certain cases, a child's grandparents can be granted visitation rights or custody. Different states have different statutes regarding grandparent visitation and custody, but the primary factor in determining either is typically what is in the best interest of the child. New York Laws on Grandparent Visitation Every state has its own laws on whether grandparents or other non-relatives can ...
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  • Reasons for Nuptial Agreements

    || 24-Jul-2010

    When one spouse or both decide to enter into a nuptial agreement, whether a pre-nup or a post-nup, they may have a variety of reasons for choosing to do so. Below, we outline some of the more common reasons people choose to sign nuptial agreements when getting married or after they are married: § People may have a home or assets that they would like to protect, like a retirement fund or ...
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  • Three Types of Parental Alienators

    || 16-Jul-2010

    Generally speaking, there are three main types of alienators that are identifiable in cases involving parental alienation. They are: the naïve alienator, the active alienator and the obsessed alienator. Naïve Alienator : many divorce or separated parents are naïve alienators. Often times, these types of alienators have good intentions and fully understand the importance of their ...
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  • Child Visitation Tips

    || 10-Jul-2010

    If you have secured child visitation and are wondering what things you can do to make your time with your child more rewarding, follow these helpful tips: § Plan activities with your kids in advance. Letting your kids know what activities are in store for them will not only create excitement, but also positivity as kids will have something new to look forward to. § Plan for alone time. ...
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  • 3 Types of Divorce Processes

    || 9-Jul-2010

    Generally speaking, when spouses choose to divorce, they will go through one of three different types of divorce processes. Below, each process is explained: Self-Representation This divorce process occurs when spouses choose to file for divorce on their own without any help from a legal representative. Spouses handle everything on their own and must deal with their own paperwork and decisions. ...
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  • You may be thinking about approaching your significant other to discuss a nuptial agreement, but finding it difficult to have this conversation. If you are finding that it is hard to discuss this matter with your loved one, here are some tips you may want to follow to make the process easier: § Set a goal to have a conversation on a specific date. If there are changes occurring in your ...
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  • Visitation Tips for Divorced Dads

    || 2-Jul-2010

    Fathers often have a difficult time connecting with their children after a divorce, particularly when their visitation is limited to weekends or evenings. Forced interaction for a limited period of time can be overwhelming and very stressful for dads who truly want to bond with their children and don't know how to do so under such constraints. Here are a few helpful tips for newly divorced ...
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  • What Factors Allow for Support Modification in New York?

    || 6-Jun-2010

    Quite often, need for support or ability to offer support change in the years following a divorce. Child support, spousal support, and child custody can all be modified through the courts after divorce under certain circumstances. Child support can be modified if such circumstances are shown as the loss of a job, a substantial change in pay, or a significant change in the child or parent's ...
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