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Mother Retains Child Custody After Appellate Court Motion is Granted, Staying the Family Court's Decision and Order after Trial.


After the Suffolk County Family Court ordered the immediate transfer of custody, of a 12 year old child from the mother to the father, the mother turned to our law firm for expedited assistance. Our firm filed a motion seeking an immediate stay of the Family Court's decision after trial, pending the final determination of the appeal. The Appellate Division, Second Department, granted an immediate stay pending the final decision of the appeal. The child was able to remain in the physical custody of his mother during the holidays and shall remain in her custody until a final decision is made on appeal.

Order of Protection Dismissed Against Father


Attorney Natasha Meyers was hired to represent a father who was removed from his house and his two young children (ages 3 and 6) under a stay away order of protection that his wife obtained ex parte. At the first court hearing for the case, which occurred only two days after the father was served with the court papers, Attorney Meyers requested an immediate trial. The Suffolk County Family Court granted the request and held an immediate trial that same day. After a hearing, Attorney Meyers succeeded in getting the entire Order of Protection dismissed against her client.

Obtained temporary custody

Attorney Natasha Meyers recently helped a father obtain temporary custody of his 5-year-old child. Custody was originally awarded to the mother, but less than a year later the father brought her back to Brooklyn family court, concerned that the academic and medical needs of their child were not being met. Attorney Meyers helped her client file an emergency petition for temporary custody with the court. Without even needing a hearing, the court granted the emergency petition and the child was placed in temporary custody of the father.

Modification to child support

Attorney Natasha Meyers recently helped a mother obtain a much-needed modification to her child support order. Our client asked her ex-husband to help her pay the costs of their daughter's college tuition, because she could not afford to do so on her own. When the ex-husband refused to assist with their child's tuition, Attorney Meyers assisted our client with filing for modification with the Suffolk County Family Court. The court ruled that the ex-husband should be responsible for 50% of his daughter's tuition costs and mandatory fees, and the child support order was modified. Read more about this case

Grandparent Visitation Rights

Attorney Natasha Meyers Wins Grandparent Visitation Rights for Client. Attorney Natasha Meyers of The Meyers Law Group, P.C. recently obtained visitation for her client in a grandparent visitation proceeding in Nassau Family Court. In the state of New York the courts seek to rule in the best interests of the children. Attorney Meyers was able to prove to the court that consistent time with her client was beneficial to the children, and the court granted her client visitation rights. Attorney Meyers' client can now continue to enjoy spending quality with her grandchildren.

At The Meyers Law Group, P.C. we proudly advocate on behalf of grandparents who are not receiving adequate time with their grandchildren. We understand how precious and important these relationships are, and our Long Island family lawyers can help you fight for visitation with your grandchildren. We encourage you to contact our firm today to discuss your legal options.

Modification to child support

The Meyers Law Group recently completed representation of a father sued for child support in Nassau Family Court. The mother claimed she had no income. Natasha Meyers successfully argued that the Support Magistrate should impute income to the mother despite that she was not working as she held an Associate Degree in nursing and was in school. This drastically changed the parties' respective obligations towards the costs for day care for their young child as well as the costs for unreimbursed medical costs for the parties' child.

Father's rights

In the Suffolk Supreme Court, Attorney Natasha Meyers succeeded in protecting a father's rights . The father and mother of five children had been separated for nearly 2 years and are now in the midst of divorce proceedings. In the meantime, Attorney Meyers obtained temporary residential custody for the father of the parties remaining unemancipated minor children and obtained a Court Order allowing the children to remain with their father and attend their new school in the father's school district. Click here to read more .

Sole custody awarded to parent

Sole custody awarded to parent of 2 children age 2 and 4. The matter was advanced to a hearing. The Meyers Law Group is very pleased with the outcome of this case and feels that a decision was made that will benefit the long-term well-being of the children involved. Read More Information

Custody awarded to parent of 2

Sole custody awarded to father of six year old girl. Upon hearing all evidence and testimony, the court found that our client was a "more fit and stable parent." It then ruled that our client should have sole legal and residential custody of his daughter and the mother should have supervised visitation. Read More Information

Dismissed Temporary Order of Protection

Our Client was served with a full Stay Away Temporary Order of Protection that was issued on an ex parte basis by the Family Court, County of Suffolk. After retaining The Meyers Law Group, P.C., to represent him in this matter, on our first appearance in Court with our client, our attorneys fought vigorously in Court for our client's rights, demonstrating to the Family Court that the allegations set forth in the Petitioner's Petition were legally insufficient to warrant an Order or Protection. As a result of our attorney's efforts, the Family Court, Suffolk County, vacated the previously entered Stay Away Temporary Order of Protection, dismissing the action in its entirety in one week of hiring the firm!

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